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Through learning the art of musical theatre, children are able to express themselves with song, dance, and their innate storytelling abilities.


Our goal is for each budding performer to cultivate confidence and develop poise in an inspiring environment. Our beautiful barn represents the merging of tradition and innovation, blending the history of summer stock theatre with the artists of tomorrow. 

Our cast of instructors at Little Barn pride themselves in being true Teaching Artists.

Each teacher is both a performer in the musical theatre world and a mentor in the classroom. They dedicate themselves to lead by example while listening to the unique interests of individual students.


Our “cast members” have specifically chosen to teach at Little Barn because they value the creative potential of each child while also gaining inspiration from the students for their own art.

One of my favourite Hollywood actress' daughters asked if she could give me a hug and then told me she “loves kick-ball -change”. That's how I came up with the tag line - “kick-ball-change your life”.

Kim Eilian - Founder and Director of Little Barn

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Our mission is to serve the summer and year round community, families and resident artists of the Hamptons, as well as a training ground and job opportunities for young musical theatre artists locally and from the city.

We employ musicians, dancers, actors and singers as mentors and inspiration for our Little Barn dancers.

Our motto is patience, learning with repetition and love to accomplish and build the child’s dance language and skills with a solid dance curriculum in a fun and approachable way. 




Rainbows, butterflies, lady bugs, birds, the occasional dragonfly🪰 (and mystical flying unicorns) capture our imagination - something beyond our reach but present with a song, dance and story. We come alive in our summer farm setting learning, playing and putting on shows till the day is done when the fireflies come out for their magical nightly shows.

Our Firefly symbolizes nature's magical summer shows in the summer twilight hours. 

In the Hamptons, we get to play all day - making shows in a farm setting until the day is done when our magical friends, the Fireflies, light up and twinkle on our stage and in our dreams.


From Webster’s Dictionary “The sanguine Firefly…” meaning - Inspired, dreamers - what inspires us to practice daily to make our dreams come true and always with kindness, love, friendships and courage). Be brave, courageous, and kind on the journey with our friends.


F - Friendship: what it means to be a good friend - supportive, being happy for and cheering on each other

I - Inspired: to embrace and engage with what inspires us

R - Respect: being a good learner, friend; How do we show respect to our teachers, counsellors and friends? Also, keeping us and others safe. 

E - Everyone is important: no such thing as a small role or small deeds. Everything we do is important and becomes who we are.

F - Free, freedom: like the firefly that lights up the magical summer night, the arts light up our spirits. 

L - Live and Love: in deeds, relationships and in our art 

Y - Yes: we can-do attitude!

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What are girls required to wear in class?

Girls only requirement is a black tank leotard, beige tap shoes and skin colored or ballet pink stretch canvas ballet shoes (no strings) or beige slip on jazz shoes.

What are boys required to wear?

Boys are required to wear a black tee-shirt and black athletic shorts or loose fitted dance pants, black slip on tap shoes and black stretch canvas ballet shoes (no strings) or black slip on jazz shoes.

Can I schedule a visit?

Yes you can, simply send an email to hello@littlebarntheatre.com with your ideal time and dates.

 How can I be part of the Little Barn team?

We are always looking for musicians, dancers, singers and actors to add to our teaching team of artists. If you are looking for employment send your availability and application to hello@littlebarntheatre.com.

How is Little Barn different from other dance studios?


Our mission is to provide a superior dance and theatre experience for our students. Our teachers are mentors and role models and perform and create with the students. 

We encourage teaching artists pursuing their dreams to work with us in Hamptons at Little Barn.