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  • Kim Eilian

From Tutus to Broadway: young children and toddler classes in the Hamptons

Toddler and young children classes
Mommy and Me classes in the Hamptons

Imagine a world where you and your little one can embark on a journey of shared creativity, laughter, and the magic of musical theatre.

At Little Barn Dance and Musical Theatre Co., we are delighted to introduce our Mommy and Me Musical Theatre classes—a heart-warming opportunity for parents and their young children to explore the joy of music and storytelling together.

In our Mommy and Me Musical Theatre classes, parents and children are invited to immerse themselves in a nurturing environment that fosters connection and creativity.

Through imaginative play, rhythmic movement, and expressive storytelling, our teachers guide you both on an enchanting musical theatre adventure.

It's a chance for your child to develop confidence, language skills, and social interaction while building a deep bond with you.

We believe in the transformative power of the performing arts, and our Mommy and Me Musical Theatre classes provide a gateway for children to explore their creativity and nurture their love for music and theatre.

Embrace the magic of musical theatre with your child and sign up for our Mommy and Me classes today.

Visit our website now to learn more and be a part of this incredible experience!

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