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A little bit about our history


Our Little Barn initiative commenced in 2019 as a highly successful musical theatre workshop held at Hayground Camp in Bridgehampton. However, it was during the subsequent summers of 2020 and 2021 that our LB summer stock for kids program truly began to take form.

Since then, our school (camps) has continued to thrive and flourish each year as we gain a deeper understanding of the needs of our campers and their families. We integrate their feedback and requirements into our curriculum, aiming to make the experience even more seamless and enjoyable. 

Within our picturesque outdoor dance tent, our students are introduced to the fundamentals of dance, music, and acting. In the serene, fresh air beneath the trees, accompanied by live music, we organically create and showcase performances for families and friends each week during our two-week mini summer stock camps at the start and end of every summer.

Throughout the eight weeks in between, you will find us at Hayground Camp twice a week and Hampton Country Day Camp three times a week, staging shows. In the mornings, we also hold our renowned Mommy (Daddy) and Me Musical Theatre classes (ages 0-3) at the Children's Museum in Bridgehampton, followed by afternoon sessions at the Hayground tent.

Additionally, we offer Musical Theatre Beginnings, which includes private lessons in voice, acting, and dance. These lessons take place in our tent at Hayground on Saturdays and from 3 pm until dusk during the weekdays, either at the students' homes or within our Hayground tent.

It’s no doubt that 2021' summer had its ups and downs, but we danced our way through it all!

Though we started out unsure how classes would unfold, our “show must go on” attitude kept us strong all summer long.


As classes filled up, our teachers were truly inspired by the dedication of the students, seeing that even in this pandemic, each child’s creativity came through. Many times the line of teacher and student blurred as our team always saw how much we could learn from our dancers!


From surprise performances and mini musicals to endless laughs during our acting games, our summer at Hayground was one for the books, and we can’t wait to see where we dance off to next! 

Mommy and me musical theatre classes
musical theatre girl in summer
Mommy and Me classes with Little Barn
musical theatre mini camp
Summer camp
musical theatre girls at camp
Young students at our summer camp
summer camp - having fun
Little Barn Mini Show
mommy and me classes
Mommy and Me classes with Little Barn
Mini Camp ARt
Musical Theatre Beginning Student with our Firefly crown in NYC
Musical theatre mini camp
Little Barn Magical Musical Theatre Camp - DANCE - SING - ACT - PERFORM - Hayground, Bridgehampton
Little Barn Magical Musical Theatre Camp - DANCE - SING - ACT - PERFORM - Hayground, Bridgehampton
We love tutus!!!
This why we do what we do. Smiles everywhere!
Our teachers
Little Barn Magical Musical Theatre Camp - DANCE - SING - ACT - PERFORM - Hayground, Bridgehampton
Smiling faces at Mini Camp
Little Barn Min Show - Tap dance
Little Barn Magical Musical Theatre Camp - DANCE - SING - ACT - PERFORM - Hayground, Bridgehampton
Musical Theatre class - practise
white barn wooden door.jpg


Check out what we have been doing the past years.

You can see videos of our classes at Hayground, short clips of our house calls and private classes, behind the scenes clips from Mini Camp and our shows.

We also added a BONUS!

Kim and her team of dancers will teach a few dance routines (mini classes), you can practice with your little ones from the comfort of your home.

Mini Rehearsals

Zoe Little Barn Camp show
white barn wooden door.jpg