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Just as actors in a Broadway musical have costumes, dance students have a specific dress code to make them feel performance ready even in the classroom.

The importance of uniform class attire should not be underestimated as it builds structure, helps both teacher and student to maintain focus, and builds the mindset that we practice as we perform!

At Little Barn, we want every student to feel that their little community is valued and important. With the right attire and attitude, your child is sure to feel confident and collected as soon as they walk into the studio!


NOTE: All basic class attire will also act as the base costume for the “Summer Stock!” musical performances. We will dress up the uniform with various costume pieces including but not limited to derby hats and canes, sparkly tutus, and other fun accessories! 




Girls: All female students should wear a black tank leotard with either tights, black leggings, or bare legs. Dance shoes needed are beige tap shoes and either pink canvas ballet slippers or nude slip on jazz shoes. OPTIONAL: black slip on dance skirt, dance shorts or black tutu. 


Boys: All male students should wear a black t-shirt with either black dance pants or black athletic shorts. Dance shoes needed are black slip on tap shoes and either black canvas ballet shoes or black jazz shoes (without strings). 


Products listed below in the photos and links are only our recommendations and examples for the student. Please feel free to purchase the brand that works best for your child! 


leotard no background.png

Girls Black Tank Leotard


ballet shoes no background.png

Girls Stretch Canvas Ballet Slippers

(no lace) in Ballet Pink or Nude


Tapshoes NB.png

Girls Tap Dance Shoes

(no lace is recommended)


tshirt no background.png

Boys Black T-Shirt


trousers no background.png

Boys Black Athletic Shorts or

Loose Fitted Dance Pants


black ballet shoes no background.png

Boys Black Leather Jazz or

Black Canvas Ballet Shoes


dress no background.png

Girls Leotard Dress with

Attached Skirt


skirt no background.png

Girls Pull On Skirt


derby hat no background.png

Girls and Boys Black Derby


Leggings NB

Girls Black Dance Leggings


shorts no background.png

Girls Dance Shorts



Girls Classic Black Tutu


This is an innovative change from the average performing arts studio.
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