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Scene by Scene - What happens at Mini Camp

At Little Barn's Mini Camp, summer becomes an extraordinary adventure where children flourish in the embrace of nature's beauty.

From the morning breeze to the rustling leaves, every moment spent outdoors becomes a treasure. As they dance, sing, and act, their spirits soar, their talents blossom, and friendships form. If you missed our pre-summer mini camp, fear not! The End of Summer Mini Camp awaits in August, ready to create magical memories that will last a lifetime. Spaces are still available, so seize the opportunity to embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds.

Let's begin:

Scene 1: The Arrival of the Stars

As the sun begins to rise, excitement fills the air at Little Barn's Mini Camp. Parents and campers alike gather near the parking lot, where cheerful counsellors eagerly await their arrival. With warm smiles and open arms, they guide the campers towards the vibrant classroom, where the magic of musical theatre awaits. Bags and backpacks are left behind, making room for adventure, as little ones are fitted for dance shoes and outfits, ready to step into the world of performance.

Scene 2: LB Morning Assembly and Firefly Values

The day kicks off with a special assembly, where the Little Barn Firefly Values come to life. Campers gather together, and the air buzzes with anticipation. Friendship and integrity take centre stage as counsellors and teachers observe acts of kindness and honesty throughout the day. Each act is celebrated by writing the camper's name on a special card, which is then placed in a box. On Friday, the Lucky Firefly of the week will be revealed, chosen at random from the collected cards. The campers beam with pride, as they receive their own cards, a testament to their radiant spirits.

Scene 3: Daily Dance Practice

With the Firefly Values lighting their way, campers break into age groups and begin their dance journey. From head to toe, they embark on a delightful warm-up routine, focusing on dance basics and body awareness. The room comes alive as Broadway Ballet takes centre stage, followed by the breakdown of the day's dance steps. Tap shoes click and tap step of the week echoes through the space, filling hearts with joy. These dances, crafted with love and dedication, will take the spotlight in the weekly show, a showcase of their growth and talent.

Scene 4: Water and Snack Break

Amidst the laughter and applause, a pause for refreshment ensues. Campers gather around, hydrating their bodies and refuelling their spirits. Water bottles and snacks provide the much-needed energy to fuel their artistic endeavours, ensuring that creativity knows no bounds.

Scene 5: Singing Practice

The journey continues as campers venture into the realm of melody and harmony. Vocal warm-ups fill the room, as little voices rise in unison, embracing the power of their own unique sound. Songs, intricately connected to the dances, take shape, preparing campers for the grand finale. With live music as their guide, their voices will ring out, bringing the story to life in a symphony of emotions.

Scene 6: Lunch Break

A well-deserved break ensues, as appetites are sated with delicious meals and moments of camaraderie. Laughter echoes through the air as friendships are forged, bonds strengthened, and dreams shared. Lunchtime becomes a time of nourishment, not only for the body but also for the soul.

Scene 7: Acting Games and Script Writing

With bellies full and hearts ablaze, campers venture into the realm of acting. Acting games serve as the gateway, unlocking their inner performers and encouraging them to embrace their individuality. Laughter fills the room as ice is broken and barriers are shattered. Together, they delve into the theme of the show, weaving a tapestry of dialogue and scenes that will bring the story to life.

Scene 8: Free Time

As the day progresses, moments of free exploration are cherished. Campers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their passions, exploring their own creative visions. This time allows them to build confidence, refine their skills, and unlock hidden talents. The possibilities are endless, and the stage is theirs to conquer.

Scene 9: Share Time and Pick Up

As the day draws to a close, the stage is set for a remarkable finale. Share Time arrives, bringing excitement and anticipation. Campers gather, eager to showcase their progress and discoveries. They join hands, supporting and cheering for one another as they run through the show, a sneak peek of the masterpiece that awaits their loved ones. The room comes alive with energy, and hearts are filled with pride.

With the final notes of the day lingering in the air, parents arrive to collect their shining stars. The tent hums with excitement as children and belongings reunite, memories and accomplishments neatly organized in the classroom. As the curtain falls on another day of artistic exploration, anticipation builds for the grand performance at the end of the week.

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