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We encourage families to sign up for two classes per week for our school year sessions. Your child will blossom with this dancing, singing and acting curriculum (experience).

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Acting Classes

(Music Room)

This class is offered twice a week for 30 and 45 min sessions


Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Tuesday 5 - 5:30pm

Level 2 - Ages: 8 - 9y / Thursday 5 - 5:30pm

Level 3 - Ages: 10 - 12y / Tuesday 5 - 5:45pm


Class Description


This group introductory class is a great add on to Theatre Dance and Broadway Ballet. 

In this class your actor will explore a world of acting games and learn and practice scene work and monologues.

Why is Acting class important?

In acting class children find their voice through games and telling stories. They learn skills to bring to a group and audience with confidence. 

If your child is shy, this is a great opportunity to learn public speaking skills in a fun and safe environment.

Our teaching artists are all well rounded actors with advanced degrees from colleges and conservatories.

Their dedication to the performing arts and love of working with children make them not only great teachers but wonderful role models and mentors for our children

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