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We encourage families to sign up for two classes per week for our school year sessions. Your child will blossom with this dancing, singing and acting curriculum (experience).

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Broadway Ballet

(Dance Studio)

50 min class

Ballet and tap shoes required


Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Monday 4pm

Level 2 - Ages: 8 - 9y / Wednesday 4pm

Level 3 - Ages: 10 - 12y / Monday 5pm


Class Description


Your dancer will learn ballet basics with Broadway flare in this lovely and lively ballet class - with live and recorded music.

What is Broadway Ballet and why is Ballet so important? 

Ballet is the key to learning all styles of formal dance. We like to call our Little Barn ballet class Broadway Ballet because we focus on the aspects of ballet that apply to Theatre Dance and Musical Theatre - while it’s also just a great beginner / introductory ballet class. 


Broadway Ballet - Level 1 

Ages: 6 - 7y

Ballet and tap shoes required

The dancers in Broadway Ballet Level 1 will learn and practice head to toe body articulation with fun and clever exercises and dances that will encourage body intelligence and confidence. 

How we do this?

In BB 1, we introduce basic barre work to the curriculum learning and practicing plie, releve, tondue, basic jumps and stretches after a light warm up of walking on tippy toes, skipping, chasse and marching. After that we move to floor work with static stretching and strengthening exercises and head to toe body articulation exercises - developing grace and poise - in our center work dances, across the floor exercises and finishing with a goodbye dance.

Why we teach this way?

We learn to plie to spring up with stretched feet and legs and soft landings. We learn and practice static flexibility exercises and learn basic positions of the head, arms and feet with universal dance basics.

We end each class with a Tap Basics dance.


We conclude each semester / session with a winter and spring show / demonstration 


Broadway Ballet - Level 2

Ages: 8 - 9y 

Ballet and tap shoes required 

This is a continuation of Ballet 1 for older students adding more dance basic steps as part of a continuing curriculum.

We end each class with a rigorous, fun and challenging tap basics dance.

We conclude each semester / session with a winter and spring show / demonstration


Broadway Ballet - Level 3

Ages: 10 - 12y

Ballet and tap shoes required

A practice and learning of ballet basics technique and curriculum - a continuation of Broadway Ballet Levels 1 and 2. 

Your dancer will practice and learn ballet basics with musical theatre flair in this lovely and informative class - as ballet is the universal language for all styles of formal dance. 

We end each class with a progression of challenging tap basics. 

We conclude each semester/ session with a winter and spring show / demonstration



What do our first-year students learn?

In level classes your child will learn and practice - technique, flexibility and rhythm exercises to start and before barre and center work exercises.

Technique and flexibility exercises promote good posture, pointed toes, stretched legs, soft knees and also build strength and length needed for barre and center work.

At the end of each class, we learn and practice a goodbye dance.

At the beginning of the year, we learn basic steps and as the year progresses, we put the steps together to make dances for class and the winter and spring performances.

Why is it so important and required for students to be ready and on time for classes and rehearsals? 

Excellent attendance and wearing the proper dance attire and shoes are crucial for the development of your dancer. Your cooperation is so much appreciated! 

We do want you to know, we know how difficult this can be in the after-school hours and will help in any way we can.  

A big part of our mission is to create a beautiful, calm and clean space with a helpful staff to make the transition from street to classroom easier!


Suggested Outfits

Girls: black or light blue leotard, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes are required

Boys: black t-shirt, black loose fitted pants or athletic shorts, black tap shoes and black ballet slippers are required

Note: There will be additional dance clothes and fun add-ons you can purchase at the studio.

Please Note:

We recommend our students take Theatre Dance with Broadway Ballet and the 30 min singing and acting classes before or after each class are wonderful add-ons.

What is the difference between Classical Ballet and Broadway Ballet?

We teach ballet basics to our dancers so they will have a strong ballet base, essential for any Broadway style of dance and makes tap and TikTok / hip hop more interesting. Also, ballet is the common language for any formal style of dance.

So, in Broadway Ballet - sometimes it may be a Rock Ballet, or a Fosse Style ballet, or different shows like Music Man or Billy Elliot…but the goals are the same - good technique and ability to express through movement, music and singing.

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