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We encourage families to sign up their children for as many weeks and classes as possible. Each week will be unique and the dancing, singing and acting just gets better and better, as the kids become more comfortable and familiar with the curriculum.

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Musical Theatre Beginnings Classes
Dance. Sing. Act. Perform!

Age Group 1: 3.5 - 4 y / Age Group 2: 5y

Live piano and recorded music in this class

50 min class

Ballet and tap shoes required


Class Description


In Musical Theatre Beginnings we teach a fun and clever routine of ballet, theatre dance and tap basics while singing and acting. In other words, we tell stories (acting) with big walking (dancing) and sustainable talking (singing).

Like hiding spinach in a chocolate cake, we teach ballet and dance basics with our fun LB dance basics “dances” including: Big Walking, Head to Toe Warmup, Broadway Ballet, Dance Step of the Day… we do these dances in every class till the movement becomes second nature.

In the beginning we focus on the basic building blocks of dance (or what we like to call, big walking) so progression happens naturally. 

In every class there will be singing using a Sing and Repeat method. 

They will learn “dance beginnings” - preparing their bodies and minds for ballet, theatre dance and tap basics together with singing with live and recorded music. 

Our classes are taught by accomplished, kind and experienced teaching artists. The team will lead your dancer / singer / actor on a journey of musical theatre starting the very first day!

Our mission is to make this journey as magical, inspiring, fun, and educational as possible. Building trust and of a love of dance, music and theatre with a well-balanced and designed teaching method and curriculum.

We conclude each semester / session with a stage performance / demonstration.

After mastering “Dance Beginnings” we progress to the “Level” classes.

(New students that start at older ages may take a short series of privates to catch up)

Private and group makeups can also be arranged.


Suggested Outfits

Girls: black or light blue leotard, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes are required

Boys: black t-shirt, black loose fitted pants or athletic shorts, black tap shoes and black ballet slippers are required

Note: There will be additional dance clothes and fun add-ons you can purchase at the studio.

This is a transitioning class from Mommy and Me Musical Theatre class to Musical Theatre class.


We encourage parents to stay and support their children in the first few classes. As the young students' confidence and independence grows, you should be able to leave them to attend the class and pick them up in the end.

We love this age group. The students are like sponges. Even at times when you think may not be learning, they're soaking it all in.

Kim E. - About Musical Theatre Beginnings

Founder of Musical Theatre School

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