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We encourage families to sign up for two classes per week for our school year sessions. Your child will blossom with this dancing, singing and acting curriculum (experience).

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Singing Classes

(Music Room)

This class is offered in 30 min, 45 min, 60 min sessions


Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Monday 5 - 5:30pm

Level 2 - Ages: 8 - 9y / Wednesday 5 - 5:30pm

Level 3 - Ages: 10 - 12y / Monday 5 - 5:30pm

Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Friday 4 - 4:45pm

Level 2&3 - Ages: 8 - 12y / Friday 5 - 6pm


Class Description


This lovely group introductory singing class is a great add on after or before your child’s dance class or may be taken as a single class. We recommend it to all our students! 

Your young singer will learn and practice vocal exercises and learn a wide variety of songs with a focus on quality singing and learning to project their voices in class and for the stage. 

These classes are taught by musical theatre musicians and singers with advanced degrees that are pursuing careers on Broadway and love working with children and always accompanied with piano or guitar.

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