What is Summer Stock

The American tradition of “summer stock” theatre started over a hundred years ago when young performers would travel the country during the summer months, setting up makeshift stages in tents, barns, and outdoor spaces to put up musicals.

While mastering their craft, these theatrical companies would frequently use stock sceneries and costumes to tell stories to rural communities around the United States, spreading their songs far and wide!

Many beloved stars of the 20th and 21st century experienced their humble beginnings upon these moving stages, inspiring such movies as “White Christmas,” “Holiday Inn,” and of course the Judy Garland classic “Summer Stock.”


We here at Little Barn want to keep tradition alive while nurturing the artists of tomorrow in an authentic summer stock setting!

Performing in the fresh air of the Hamptons brings inspiration to every performer, as city dwellers and farm folk alike flock to this artistic haven.

The Hayground Camp is the perfect setting for Little Barn to take center stage, as we full-heartedly believe in creating a kind, supportive, and eco-friendly community for these budding artists to blossom. 

The best part of our summer was Kim’s new musical theatre barn. It’s the perfect addition to the children’s utopia created at Hayground!
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