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For children who really love Musical Theatre we encourage families to sign up for all classes in their age group, so they get the most out of Ballet / Theatre Dance / Singing / Acting - as an entire curriculum (but not certainly required)

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Theatre Dance

(Dance Studio)

50 min class

Ballet and tap shoes required


Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Tuesday 4pm

Level 2 - Ages: 8 - 9y / Thursday 4pm

Level 3 - Ages: 10 - 12y / Tuesday 5pm


Class Description


Dancers will master the basics of dance with a curriculum of dance basics.


With fun, easy, clever and poetic dance exercises - that will strengthen and lengthen their bodies and muscles - promoting body intelligence and body confidence to last a lifetime.


We love to use a wide variety of classic and popular songs from movies and musicals with live and recorded music.

What is the difference between Theatre Dance and Broadway Ballet, why is it important, what are the benefits and what are Theatre Dance basics? 

Theatre Dance encompasses all styles of dance and music and requires knowledge in basic ballet but in the style of the particular musical we are working on. Simply put, we follow the music as the music tells our bodies what to do.

First year students will learn steps in mostly parallel positions rather than the ballet turnout positions. The movement is more pedestrian than ballet but very similar.

Students not only learn dance basics and all the wonderful things that come with it but how to be in a group and a part of a team. 


First year curriculum includes: jazz plie, jazz port de bras, tendue, three-point turns, pas de bourree, flexibility exercises with lots of attention to technique - pointed toes, stretched but soft legs, soft plies and soft landings; Also, isolations, kick ball change, box step, grapevine, step pivot, chasse, basic jumps, turns and leaps.

After warming up and technique we start learning the steps (dance step of the day).


As the year progresses those steps will be made into dance sentences, then dance phrases and finally complete dances for the end of semester/ term shows.

We tap at the end of each Broadway Ballet and Theatre Dance - ballet slippers and tap shoes required.


Suggested Outfits

Girls: black or light blue leotard, pink ballet slippers, black tap shoes are required

Boys: black t-shirt, black loose fitted pants or athletic shorts, black tap shoes and black ballet slippers are required

Note: There will be additional dance clothes and fun add-ons you can purchase at the studio.


Please Note:

Our program is most effective with at least two classes per week.

We recommend signing up for a 30 min Singing and / or Acting class following or before a dance class (these are considered add on classes to the 45 min dance classes).

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