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We encourage families to sign up for two classes per week for our school year sessions. Your child will blossom with this dancing, singing and acting curriculum (experience).

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Broadway Tap

(Dance Studio)

Length: 50 min

Level 1 - Ages: 6 - 7y / Friday 4pm

Level 2 - Ages: 8 - 9y / Saturday 10am

Level 3 - Ages: 10 - 12y / Saturday 11am

Class Description


This fun and lively introduction to tap class is a great way to end your week and kick off the weekend! It's also a great add on to Ballet and Theatre Dance. 

Your child will learn and practice the basics of tap with a warmup and dances that consists of steps from a basic step, stamp, stomp, hop, jump, leap, brush, slap, toe and heel, circus walks, toe taps to more complicated steps like the paddle and roll, time steps and shim-sham to name a few.

We learn and practice the steps of the day, then across the floor exercises and end with charming and poetic dances that come together for our Winter and Spring performances.

Why Tap?

It’s fun and pedestrian - what we like to call fancy walking.


Children learn to dance with and to the music and are also part of the music.


Boys hesitant to try ballet and theatre dance in the beginning, especially love this theatrical class. It’s a great introduction to dance as it’s very athletic. They get to move their bodies and make lots of noise!


This is a great single or add on class.


Suggested Outfits

Girls: black or light blue leotard, black tap shoes are required

Boys: black t-shirt, black loose fitted pants or athletic shorts, black tap shoes are required

Note: There will be additional dance clothes and fun add-ons you can purchase at the studio.

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